Pirelli & C. is the joint-stock company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana) and is the Parent Company of the multinational group specialising in the tyre sector, and a leading company in the top of the range and high technological content segments.

The company was founded in 1872, and today Pirelli has production facilities in four continents and operates in more than 160 countries worldwide.

Pirelli stands out for its long industrial tradition that has always been combined with a capacity for innovation, product quality and a strong brand. This strength has also been supported from 2002 by the fashion and hightech project of PZero and today further enhanced by the Formula 1, for which Pirelli is the exclusive supplier.

Pirelli has always focused on research and development in line with its green performance strategy and works with constant and growing attention paid to products and services of high quality and technology and a low environmental impact.

The awareness that an efficient corporate governance system represents one of the essential factors to achieve the objectives of creating sustainable value drives Pirelli to maintain its corporate governance system constantly in line with national and international best practices.

pirelli was declared the "best corporate governance in italy" for the fourth consecutive year in the framework of the world finance corporate governance award 2013.

The Company adopts the traditional system of administration and control. Pirelli’s Corporate Governance system is based on the following factors: (i) the central function played by the Board of Directors that is responsible for the strategic guidance and supervising the Company’s overall business activities, with policy- making powers in relation to the overall administration and the authority to intervene directly in a series of significant decisions necessary or useful to achieve the company purpose; (ii) the central role of Independent Directors (iii) an effective internal control system; (iv) a pro-active risk management system; (v) a remuneration system, in general, and an incentive system, in particular, for Managers associated with medium and longterm economic objectives in order to align the management’s interests with the shareholders’ interests, by pursuing the priority objective of creating sustainable value in the medium/long term, by establishing a strong link between remuneration, on the one hand, the performance of individuals and Pirelli’s performance, on the other hand; (vi) a strict discipline concerning potential conflicts of interest and solid principles of conduct to execute transactions with related parties.

The governance system is formally defined in the Code of Ethics, in the Company Bylaws, in the Regulations concerning Shareholders’ Meetings and in a series of principles and procedures which are periodically updated to assure best practices.

It is important to confirm that in the interim financial report Pirelli highlights the updates and integrations made to its corporate governance system compared to the information contained in the annual report.

Pirelli was declared the “Best Corporate Governance in Italy” for the fourth consecutive year in the framework of the World Finance Corporate Governance Award 2013.

During 2013, and for the second consecutive year, Pirelli sponsored the ICGN Annual Conference held in New York, confirming the importance that Corporate Governance aspects represent for Pirelli.