Other Directors

The Board of Directors has considered that the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera and the Deputy Chairman Alberto Pirelli are Executive Directors, the latter by virtue of his operational offices held in the subsidiary company Pirelli Tyre.

Several informal meetings were organised during the financial year designed to examine in greater detail specific business and corporate governance issues, to increase the knowledge of all Directors and Auditors concerning the Company’s reality and dynamics, in compliance with the recommendations of the Self-Regulatory Code31 and with what is now a consolidated practice within the Company. In particular, an in-depth examination of the macroeconomic scenario was performed, in consideration of the “launch” of the “new” industrial business plan, as well as the self-evaluation process, also in order to enable the CICRCG to prepare a final report on the self-evaluation process to be presented to the Board of Directors.

In addition, the Directors and Statutory Auditors attended the presentation of the “new” 2013-2017 Industrial Business Plan held in London.

31 Self-Regulatory Code: Application criterion 2.C.2.